How Can We Best Help You?

  1. Attend our workshops held monthly in 5 different locations around the Midlands. We ask for a £3 fee to cover room hire and refreshments,
  2. Via email. If we’ve made a difference and helped you then please consider a small donation or annual subscription to further support our work,
  3. We are unable to support a telephone based support service.

What Happens In Our Workshops?

  1. Everyone has the opportunity to talk through their present situation & explore how to move it forward in a group setting,
  2. Experienced volunteers who have been through it themselves offer practical help and support,
  3. All attendees can share through their own experiences to support others,
  4. Everyone is at different stages of a cycle to achieve their ultimate goal to have regular and quality time with their children.

How Can We Help You Via Email?

  1. Usually there is a story to tell, never straightforward, and often complicated,
  2. We need to understand and get to the facts and away from the emotion as best we can,
  3. Please complete our Questionnaire which provides vital background information so that we can try and understand what are the issues and points of conflict and tension,
  4. Please refer to the Data Protection notes within the Questionnaire so that you can be reassured of our utmost integrity in our dealings with you.

What Can’t We Do

  1. We don’t offer any legal advice as we’re not trained or qualified. We rely on our own life experiences instead to provide a practical and common sense approach to supporting you.
  2. We don’t have all the answers. But there is always a different side to a story or a different perspective to consider. It’s sometimes easier to talk to a stranger who can see things with a fresh pair of eyes to help you.

We also:

  • explain how the court system works – step by step
  • advise you on how to prepare for a court hearing
  • help you work with a solicitor if you use one
  • help you to represent yourself in court should you choose to do so
  • help you to prepare for meetings with CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)
  • help you focus on the needs of your child/children